Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bjornson, its time to speak to us! U inspire!

What I like about Bjornson is that he is a silent giant that is awakening. He was one of the four giants of Norwegian Literature along with Ibsen, Kiellands and Lie. Ibsen got the best attention.

I am inspired by Bjornson in many ways!

Being great and silent but talking at the right time.
Making us question what is the meaning of relevance!

Being a political activist.. although I prefer people who vote
I love it that Ibsen said to him that his own life.. Bjornson 's is literature.

Influencing politics deeply without being in Parliament or in Government.
Encouraging Norwegians to use their own language and not Danish.

Making an artistic contribution to the Norwegian National Anthem in his own words.
Making royalty in Norway have to discover how to fly a flag at half mast at his death.

Being relevant to me today.

Now that his centenary is being celebrated in Norway, I found a corner in his honour and took this photo. The photo is great but the sad thing is that the friend who took it is in hiding. Her brother disappeared in Pakistan, a rather common story and she suffers so much wondering if she will ever see him. She was outspoken and ended up in refuge. But the dead also speak and all governments should learn to respect freedom and justice!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leading the Night

This novel by Philo Ikonya, Leading the night, is almost out. The cover is not loading here.. but with time it will. Philo is excited!

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