Discrimination and Travel

hustle, hustle, hustle.. 

Rosa Parks

The journey started before her with Ida Barnet Wells. True. But Ida did not have the right conditions. The boss of against racism says that the problem is that a huge majority of those who are discriminated against do not even know it.

It happens a lot on travel still. Then you can tell who is who in emergencies. 22nd of July.
"Stop this bus!"
"So that we beat them and throw them ou!"
"Excuse me, you get off this bus at once and wait down there for police. We have gone to collect the injured!

Every now and then I receive an e-mail from KLM. They give me information and then ask me where I would like to go. But the last time I paid for where I wanted to go, I ended up doing a research on race and discrimination. Honestly. I have tried to forget it in vain. The journey from Oslo with their son was fine. Then ten minutes before boarding for Wien, we were told the flight was cancelled. We were asked not to discuss anything until an hour and a half later when we could go to a counter. This is a trip I will always remember. It was a study in discrimination. It amazed me. I have my tickets. It was in July 2011. Now it is December 27th at  2.16am and I still remember this.. I still remember this. And when it comes to her who was our colour of black and who shouted at us at the counter... we are meant to be ants... "Do not speak so loudly! Here we do not talk like that!" My goodness, here is in the Netherlands and we were coming from Oslo. But this is the way they do things here. It is. And this was nasty. So... I continue. 

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