Monday, November 3, 2008

if you ask me to lead the night...

For Obama's night, My dawn

Even if you do not ask me to lead the night,
I will.
With the gentle firefly,
the little village one wick lamp
the one in a tin, without a glass cover.
And the one in a bigger frame with a glass cover,
I will put it near the wires that one day will bring power
power to my village for us to see.
I will lead the night.

I will lead the night with the light of the moon,
Other stars twinkling to remind me
of African wisdom divine
I will lead the night with my skirt folded up,
Lead the night walking to hope!
Lead the night with the light of dawn,
Lead the night,
Lead the night.
Lead the night till sunrise.
Asking the sunset still for its blessing,
To lead the night still.
Lead the night of hope.

"The night is darkest before dawn!

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serinaserina said...

Very inspirational...just passed by to have a look and glad that I did.