Friday, July 24, 2009

The Night is day for those with a vision

The eyes are stars in the night

By Philo Ikonya

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul and we add they are stars in the night, the night that is part of day. And no one can lead the night alone, it takes also the many constellations each one twinkling in its own radius. And when all the rays of light unite, nothing can stop them. No darkness can stop them shining and shining. The night is led by the moon and many other stars.. and they are always there, the moon and the stars even in broad daylight.

Do not ever lose hope my soul. Do not ever forget that humanity has made terrific journeys through difficult nights and lived to tell of victory. Tonight I remember as if they were my own black brothers and sisters the Jews in Auschwitz camp. I read about it all in Viktor Frankyl's ' "Man's Search for Meaning." I remember too the agony of Kimathi Wa Chiuri our own Kenyan's last days and his letters to us. I try, I just try to answer them. I never could.

I remember many young people touched and smiling as we sang to our beloved nation Kenya: songs of liberation. Songs of Justice. Songs of Peace. Songs, always songs that we feel are all part of our national anthem.

Come then with me where the stars and our own eyes and vision are our light. Come with me there and see it is possible. We cannot be fainthearted. It is not enough to believe. Act. Act for change.

G.K. Chesterton

"What art thou man, and why art thou despairing?" wrote the poet. God shall forgive thee all but thy despair. Man also may forgive you for blundering but never forgive you for despairing."

G.K,gender? N.B. Squeezed by pain, women do not know despair- Philo Ikonya

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