Saturday, April 3, 2010

For so many, we thank Ocampo and ICC for ....

... moving fast to deal with the Kenyan situation because it was shameful that Kenya fell this low through the work of those elected to look after the people. I hope the expressed desire of the ICC to open up the Kenyan case means real thorough work that leaves our nation healed at least by the attempt to give justice!

I was shocked that we fell this low.. and have never recovered from this and like most Kenyans, the post poll violence of 2007 became an ugly reminder of the fact that we have not yet build a nation even if we got independence in 1963!

May this woman who is standing outside a church in which many were burnt alive be heard above! May her cries be a shrill reminder of shame to those "leaders" and local people who did not attend the memorial ceremony including government ministers and MPs a year later at the church because they said they were not invited! They should have been there to hold a burnt nation in their hands as one! And many of us Kenyans can say along with this woman and others who were killed that we too did not invite these calamities to our land!

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