Thursday, December 8, 2011

Justice marching into Kenya's judiciary

Let justice flow like a new river in Kenya

So many sing that they want to be there when saints go marching in ... to be in the number. Not so many sing that they want to stand up and be counted for justice on an unknown street today, tonight when a woman is being arrested and molested for nothing. Not many. Not many of us sing that we want to be there to see to the end of impunity. To be there when presidents will know and feel and understand that they like all others are not above the law. These words "above the law" have been said of presidents in Kenya and in Africa for so long.

So, It is with a flourish that I open the doors and see that there are people marching into justice in Kenya. I see that justice has occupied some space. I hope that Kenya's new Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga, who says on facebook call me Willy, remains that justice. I hope that Kenyans rise with him to protect this justice in floods... It is important, he reminds us to be good citizens. A good citizen in his definition must know, understand and respect the constitution.

Last week, December 5th to 8th 2011,  Kenyans reviewed the reports of the Eminent Persons who were called in when in 2007/2008 the country went ablaze after elections. The report cards are frank and serious. The Chief Justice has told all of us that we have to accept and show better signs of wanting to implement our new constitution passed by the people of Kenya on AUgust 27 2010. Kenya is not going to fiddle with injustice at any time. In fact, she shall protect justice according to all her signatures also to international conventions. The Rome Statute is key here. Finally we are standing up to claim what we have struggled for decades. If as Justice Kriegler says we lack political will, if we the electors are not wise this time round in 2012 and violence ensues in Kenya, it will be a disaster. In 2008, Justice Kriegler said that if we do not reform and follow the right course what we had in Kenya in 2007 will be like a Christmas party in comparison to where we could end up if we do not stop political shenanigans and get on with the job of making sure that the rule of law is followed. 

I want to hear many Kenyans singing that they want to be in the number. The number that will not take up violence to retaliate regarding the electoral procedure. The number that will plant justice in their hearts and forever walk together with the others without discriminating race or gender or tribe. Blessings of peace beacon Kenya, let none be distracted!

I will say am proud of Dr. Mutunga's work at this moment and the work of the Eminent persons, Kofi Annan, Graca Machel and Benjamin Mkapa will not be forgotten.

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