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Western Media irks Kenyans in Election March 2013

Vigilant Kenya votes Justice and Peace
Kenya for peace 2013!

Many people did not sleep the night of 3rd March 2013. All over the world citizens who could not travel teamed up for peace messages on social media. There was a moving flood of energy and many messages of peace. Many were clear on who they were voting. Some knew why others did not. There was a lot of emphasis on that we vote from conscience and shun tribal groupings. Politicians use ethnicity to amass votes.

Kenya! Voting for peace in Afrika!
It is true that we have all been extremely apprehensive about the Kenyan Election happening just now. People are in queues voting. Old women were there very early. Old men too. Our grandmothers are ready to queue however long it takes. ttp:// in Kenya have woken up for justice and peace, not bloodshed. We had enough of it in 2007.

Whereas it is also true four policemen on duty have been killed by gangsters in Mombasa and a stampede elsewhere in Kakamega has led to hospitalisation, by and large tweets are full of information on a peaceful process from all over the country. Kenyans do believe in prayer.

Kenyans have objected to reports in Western media that were not in our local media. These include The Financial Times Katrina Mason article which declared that one frontrunner is not going to accept defeat and will prefer violence. The writer refers to the Prime Minister until now Raila Odinga. In a massive last campaign meeting attended by over 100 000 people and watched live by Kenyans all over the world, Raila Amollo Odinga refuted those claims. He constantly referred to an ill hand in that. Some of us indeed were surprised too by this information. I am non-violent and would not support anyone for violence. I have not hidden my support for Raila Odinga who does not, by the way, come from my region. The implications of the article border on the worst case scenario and ruin chances for Odinga. His main opponent used it against him on the last rally in Nairobi.

It was CNN however that broke a story with what Kenyans called out of Hollywood scenes if only our movies would be something in Hollywood. There were armies armed and in the forests and ready to kill for justice. That report was castigated by Kenyans all over the country. In many ways this is a match between the West and our local media. A pity that in such a delicate moment some international media houses would run footage on violence that seem to suggest the country will flare up in violence. We know such coverage can lead to preemptive work if indeed there is such planning. We know some Kenyans have been re arming themselves. We know others have already died. We know we need all eyes on Kenya. We appreciate all that. But many Kenyans feel and have expressed it strongly on social media that what is bróadcast must resonate with what is on the ground and what is possible.

We are a developing democracy trying so hard to get where the Rule of Law prevails. We are not ashamed that we have had to have 90 000 security personnel out to guard our election because we need that protection. Many people do not take it lightly that for five years politicians are elected only to forget them and earn themselves so much money. Many feel that for them it is a matter of life and death who gets into the presidency because they will not live forever waiting for someone who if they lead the country to growth will also make certain that all have access to wealth and opportunities.

The New Constitution is where to look to now. Kenya is tried and tested but will overcome. Somalia is our neighbour. Many other countries depend on Kenya. The whole region goes down if Kenya is unstable. We have to win this one for Afrika and the world. So we want a Western media which also carries our hopes. I come from there and I do not speak of our ugliness forgetting our beauty. What has happened in the media now has made all media in the world expect violence. Of course we know the stakes are high but please do not help us to stoke the fire! The balance is delicate! We are balancing on a taut line. We are still balancing! Tell that to the world! We do not want to miss this step, Now!

All attention should now shift towards out judiciary as soon as this election is over and it will be. The reason? This is what we fear most. The Chief Justice of Kenya and the President of the Supreme Court Dr. Willy Mutunga has been under threat for some time now. He has said the Judiciary is ready for any contest of the vote. The judiciary failed Kenya last election in 2007.

He has not been spared of ridicule by many who think the election may not go their way. This is the space to watch. His life is important for all Kenyans. We continue here on a post about the judiciary in the next post.

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