Sunday, January 4, 2015

Contradictions of the making of Security Bill in a very insecure House... where Members clothes were torn..

In a nutshell, the word "contradiction" has been common in 2014 Kenyan articles written here in this blog. There is fear of commenting on issues since bloggers have had it rough. Welcome Kenya to 2015. 

Kenyans online were seriously interested in a blogger Wadi who has been jailed for two years. Even before I could reach his posts, I had heard that people were waiting for them as if they were a feast. So the law got him, apparently in Uganda and as people were busy with Christmas and New Year, he was charged. It was fast and furious. He was sentenced on the second day of the year.

It turns out that he pleaded guilty to insulting the president and threatening him. Some say he does not exist as such but then there he was in court. A student at the University, 25 -years -old. After a few minutes with the cops he was begging for forgiveness. Many Kenyans felt he could have hardly been tried justly but there it was. 

Being charged with not praising the president has reminded Kenyans of the Moi era. Torture, deaths, arrests, disappearances, ethnic cleansing for those who did not know how to shut their mouths. There is fear. People keep saying Moi is back in power. The nanogenerian sits at home and speaks out on national issues from time to time on public platforms, a sign that perhaps in private he dedicates quite some time to the governing of Kenya. 

He did prop his candidate Uhuru Kenyatta the current president and supported him in 2002 and onwards. In Kenyan ways, this means the Kalenjins and the Kikuyu plus the ethnic groups who voted his candidate in 2013 are working 'together'. Word has it however, that the Deputy President WS Ruto has not met Moi since he was elected.

The three arms of government... Some distance there is between the Executive and the Judiciary but that is only in some ways. As in for example, the Security Amendment Bill has been stopped by the High Court before the ink of the president's signature could dry on it. Some have hope now that perhaps rulings will reflect the people. Raila Odinga and ODM took the credit for going to court agains this Bill. 

The rushed making of this Bill was supposed to be a sign that the current government is working hard on insecurity. However, its propensity in undermining human rights and gains protected by the Constitution of 2010 has led to its being stopped by the High Court even after the President passed it the day after it was voted in a shameful session. 

Clothes were torn off a member, another one lost a finger and MP Millie Mabona was almost undressed in Bunge, Parliament. The demonstrations against stripping women in Nairobi streets with the excuse that they dress skimpily not withstanding, the deed was done in the House of Parliament. And an MP involved talked brazenly about her underwear! 

The Bill which included the clause against this same act, since it was an amalgamation of amendments for security issues was defeating its own purpose in the first place.
But the worst part of it is that it was also clawing back on freedom of expression. And the open door to the police to allow for journalists to investigate on issues considered too dangerous because of terrorism. And that in a nutshell is complex. 

Very complicated because as the whole world knows C.I.A has been on the spot for not only using torture methods on renditioned suspects but working with other countries such as Kenya to arrest suspects. 

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