Sunday, January 4, 2015

Floating on River Yala, Body mutilated was that of Jebei Meshack an ICC witness in the Kenyan case

The news that an ICC witness has been found dead, his body mutilated on River Yala in Eldoret County is cause for alarm. But that reminds one that there are those who were never noticed in their disappearance and their bodies will never be found. Besides, this is a taboo and fearful topic all the time in Kenya and more so these days. But let us keep focus.

Jebey Meshack went to take his child for treatment. He left the dispensary to buy something and never returned. He was missing for five days. His family reported the case to casual police reception. 

A text message reached his mother in his Mother Tongue. He said he was well and with Bensouda's people in Uganda. Bensouda is the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court at the Hague in the Netherlands.

Now there is an immediate reaction from people who seem to know more and these include saying that he was on the side of the Government. This is reported in the mainstream media. We are not looking for sides. We are looking at a fact. Those who know say that he was not a protected witness but he was one, no doubt.

Others have fast responded on social media suggesting that this has been done by the ICC or asking if it was not so. Who are they?
Human rights activists already so shredded and disliked are afraid. 

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